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About Stentorian Technologies

We are experienced!

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Stentorian Technologies' strength is not only in software that produces fast and steady results, but also in our extensive experience is in actually running process management on shops like yours. 


Our founder, Kevin Hill, comes from decades of managing small and large-scaled shops, as well as manufacturing processes where he lived and worked through the issues that you face everyday.  This is the very foundation of the strong and reliable tools that Stentorian Technologies provides is built on - Experience!

We are dedicated to you!

This experience is also the reason Stentorian Technologies is dedicated to you.  Our success is based on your success.  We are committed to helping you achieve the greatest value from Stentorian Technologies Tools.  


We come from the production world and we know that only working as a team will we be able to realize our greatest achievements.  When you allow us to work with you, we become partners with you.  This is why we are Dedicated!

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ARC Manager is a proud product of Stentorian Technologies. With decades of experience in fabrication, manufacturing, and software development under our collective belts, our success is building products that help hardworking shop owners increase their profit margins and deliver the quality craftsmanship they are known for.

We sell more than just software. We understand what matters most to you and your success, and we work with you to ensure that our product is personalized to your shop's unique needs and you get the maximum return from using our software. 

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See for yourself how ARC Manager can give you the power to bring order, visibility, and profitability to your cabinet shop. 

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