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Know your shop's work, from beginning to end

From order management to inventory management to shipping management, get ready to run your shop with the power of data.

ARC Manager Features

Comprehensive data, smarter decisions

ARC Manager collects data throughout your entire process and shares it with you in real time, giving you the power to eliminate waste and job costing errors and maximize profits. 

Carpentry Workshop

Visibility to see who's working on what 

With ARC Manager, surprises become a thing of the past. You'll always know what projects are in your pipeline, when inventory needs to be replenished, and what to fix to improve your margins. 

Automation that makes managing easy

With your most time-consuming tasks automated in ARC Manager, you can focus on impressing your customers and making late nights the exception, not the rule.


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See for yourself how ARC Manager can give you the power to bring order, visibility, and profitability to your cabinet shop. 

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